Property Management

Triad’s Property Management Division can serve all your commercial property preservation needs!


Triad has qualified receivers to handle your bank owned real estate.
All of Triad’s receivers are State of Michigan Registered Certified Public accountants qualified to provide accounting for your real estate improvements and expenses.  In most cases, our receivers eliminate further losses to our clients during property transfer and recover more than 80 percent of the value of the property for the client until the property is sold.


Triad has field personnel that are qualified to maintain your commercial property for you and keep it in operating condition at very low costs.  In fact when using Triad, your commercial property most of the time (if operational) is capable of maintaining itself at no cost to you, while still providing you that necessary income you need to minimize your loss and maximize your recovery.  All of Triad’s operations provide necessary seasonal maintenance for your property so you don’t have to worry until your property is sold.

When using Triad’s Property Management Services, you not only get very feasible property management rates, but in addition, you get low cost premier pricing for environmental services at less than 50% of normal pricing in the event you have an environmental professional service need for that property.  That means when you sell your property and need a Phase I Assessment, it costs you only $930.00 for the report.  Yet you still get a nationally standardized report meeting ASTM – 05 requirements whenever you need it.  That’s why it pays to use Triad for your commercial property management needs.


Triad has state Licensed Realtor Professionals available for you to help sell your commercial property.  With Triad’s network of commercial real estate databases, information on your property can be transmitted all over the United States in minutes to that next prospective purchaser, connecting them to your owned real estate.  If you need to move that asset even faster, Triad also has the ability to quickly sell that same property so you’re not left waiting to complete that next deal or meet that annual budget requirement.  Triad can even provide you with a low cost Broker Opinion of Value (BOV).  It just pays to use Triad.


Triad has qualified business development professionals that can help you get that necessary financing for your investment.  If you are unable to provide financing for your commercial property, Triad’s qualified personnel can help you get it qualified for financing.  Triad’s professionals are also knowledgeable to pre-qualify you for government Small Business Administration loans to get that commercial property sold  to minimize your commercial property investment losses.  Give us a call today and see if your deal can get a new business SBA or general loan.

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