Have your property inspected by an environmental professional LIVE via satellite!

Triad introduces its latest achievement in Environmental Site Assessments. Our new Online Assessment gets you the results you need up front.  Don’t spend your Bank’s valuable resources to undertake what could be an even more expensive process than you bargained for.

Small and Conventional Use.

With Triads “NEW” online assessment, you get guaranteed results sent to you within 48 hours and you only pay a fraction of the cost.  Triad’s new interactive software allows our professionals to take an indepth look at your property and get a up to the minute risk analysis of its historical environmental liability.  This is then transferred to your assessment report, which gives you the property’s overall risk.  If there is no risk, you will be given a recommendation of “No Further Action required”.

However, if your property records and site overview (completed by satellite) shows a large risk, you will be notified before making further investments into your property. This saves you thousands of dollars of prep and legal work when completing your property transaction and gives you a “heads up” before you get too deep into your project.

You can sign up right now at the interactive window below and within 48 hours, you will have your report in hand.  This is the kind of service you would want from a “Real Environmental Expert” such as Triad.

All of our reports are backed by more than 2 million dollars of environmental professional liability by an A-rated carrier.  You have nothing to lose and much to gain.