To all of our friends and clients:

There is obviously a great deal of uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and how it will continue to impact us as we move forward.  We are beginning to see significant delays in data acquisition from various sources including Government offices and departments as they are reducing staff or even in some instance closing completely for at least the next few weeks.  These delays are beginning to impact our ability to meet the minimum reporting requirements stipulated by the applicable report standards.  Please know that we will do everything with our ability to continue to serve you through these times including finding different sources and means to acquire the necessary data, as applicable. However, please be aware that our normal turn-around times may need to be adjusted until such data becomes available to ensure that you receive the most complete and accurate reports that we can provide. 

We are also beginning to see delays in regard to travel related issues.  We have contingency plans in place with Triad Regional Field Representatives stationed at various points across the nation to help alleviate any potential travel delays/restrictions.  As such, you may begin to see a few new faces at your sites or names on your reports.  However, not all areas of the country are currently serviced by our Field Representatives which may result in potential delays depending on your site’s location. 

We will do our best to keep everyone updated on their individual projects as necessary and as the situation evolves both regionally and national.  We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation as we all work through this difficult time together.

Triad Environmental Services